Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs’ Savior

The Chiefs’ 50 year Super Bowl drought has come to an end. The Madden Curse seems to have lifted, yet we still have one game left to go. After what happened to the cover athlete from last year, Antonio Brown, Patrick Mahomes will need all his fans and supporters to rise up for the Super Bowl.

Last season, the Chiefs were one mistake away on defense from going to the Super Bowl against the eventual champs, the New England Patriots. With the talent on offense always being there with the likes of Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins and Tyreke Hill, the Chiefs didn’t get complacent.

In the offseason, they would draft a speedster Mecole Hardman out of Georgia and sign Lesean McCoy in Free Agency to bolster their running back woes. With a struggling defense from last season ranked near the bottom, the Chiefs went out and signed Tyrann Mathieu for three years.

These new additions were in a supportive effort to avenge their loss in last year’s AFC Championship game. It was a long road this season, as injuries to the Chiefs star QB, caused him to miss multiple games and put doubt on their chances for home field throughout the playoffs.

Since Mahomes’ return the Chiefs have gone 9-1 and averaged 31 points per game while their defense only allowing 16 points per game to their opponents. This is the dominance of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The San Francisco 49ers are a story of a comeback player candidate in Jimmy Garappolo and an historically great defense. With Garappolo tearing his ACL last year vs the Chiefs, this is his comeback moment– a Super Bowl win would be his perfect revenge.

However, with an early exit last season, the 49ers struggled to the point of lucking into the second overall pick in the draft. With that pick, they would draft the beast out of Ohio State, Nick Bosa.

With these additions back this season, according to hosted stats, the 49ers lead the league with the fewest yards thrown against per game, with under 200 yards, and came in fifth in sacks with 48 for the season. This is the strength of the team: play good defense, getting pressure only rushing four, and lock up opposing teams’ receivers in the secondary.

It’s here at Super Bowl LIV that these two teams meet and greatness is crowned with moments fans and players alike will remember forever. We know we can count on Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to do their part at halftime, but now it is time to pick which team will do theirs during the game.

The Chiefs have one of the top two quarterback in the entire NFL, while the 49ers have an above average quarterback that has yet to show he can lead this team. As in the NFC Championship game, he passed for under 10 attempts.

The 49ers have a superior running game, with a backfield of three veteran running backs, and with Raheem Mostert breaking the franchise record for rushing yards in the NFC Championship a few weeks ago.

The Chiefs, however, have the most talented skill position players on offense in the league, with the best tight end in Kelce and the best deep threat in Tyreke Hill. The 49ers will have the advantage rushing the passer, with the ability of only rushing four it gives more players the opportunity to cover.

However, with speed at receiver the Chiefs possess that the 49ers haven’t seen this year, it offers a vertical threat that the tight end Kelce can abuse owning the middle of the field. And unlike opposing quarterbacks the 49ers have faced, Mahomes offers a scrambling ability that will give the defensive coordinator of the 49er’s fits.

So with what all these teams have to offer, who do you trust with the game? Who do you trust in Miami? I’ll take Patrick Mahomes and his alter ego Kermit the Frog without any hesitation.

Chiefs nation will once again reign supreme and it will be because of the Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.