New site helps us help you

Last semester, we began the process of migrating over to a new web site provider. 

Our old hosts raised their rates, so decided to start looking. 

We found a new host, but there was a problem. 

They were more expensive, but offered more features and resources to us that are well worth the price tag.

One perk of the new site is that we can sell ads online. 

Our hopes are that the community will show their support for us to the point that advertising profits will be enough to pay for the site. 

And then some, if we’re lucky.

A year ago, there was talk of The Chart being cut back rather substantially. 

For a while, we thought we would be forced to reduce the number of issues we produce per semester. 

That means less training for us and less opportunities to learn.

Then, in a more frightening development, there was talk of the paper going online only. 

Sure, we would all have gotten a lot more sleep, but that’s not what we’re about.

This new web site gives us the chance to make sure that never happens to another crop of Chart staff. 

If we can get the site where we want it, we will no longer have to rely on University funding.

Sure, that would be ideal, but we’re off to a great start.  

Last year, our web site hadn’t reached over 4,000 views over the course of the entire year. 

In exactly one month, our new web site had reached over 4,000 views. 

Over half of these views are returning visitors.

Over the course of last semester, we debated on launching, but decided that we wanted to launch with a bang. 

Not with a mediocre site that wasn’t finished or professional looking. 

The view count ensures us that we made the right decision. 

We waited until we, and the site, were both ready. 

If we hadn’t waited, we probably wouldn’t be seeing the results we’re seeing now. 

It’s gratifying to us to see that our readers really are paying attention to what we’re putting out there. 

Not only are they checking it out, but they’re coming back.

That’s crucial, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank our readers. 

This paper has a history of strong web presence and we intend to continue that, now that we’ve got the proper ammunition.

We just need you and the city of Joplin to continue to help us out.

We’ll do our part by doing all we know to do; proving an outlet for a free marketplace of ideas, covering stories that affect our students, faculty and staff and entire campus community.