Alumni play active role in campus involvement

Missouri Southern’s alumni took their fourth annual trip to the Springfield Cardinals game on Saturday, Aug. 25., with 125 tickets given out to alumni and their families.

The trip is an alumni outreach event to make additional contacts throughout the year with the alumni.  

Around 100 alumni and their families attended the game and watched the game in one of the three skyboxes provided to watch the game.  

During the innings, the stadium had different games for the fans, including one game of musical chairs that several of the University’s alumni participated in.  

The alumni regional outreach program includes states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri.

 Throughout the regions the alumni put on a variety of events.

“We have Kansas City Royals events annually and next month we will be doing a Kansas City reception,” Lee Elliff Pound, alumni director, said.

  “That event is different because we will be showing a PowerPoint to bring the alumni up to date on what is new on campus.”  

The University’s Alumni Center tries to reach out to Kansas City and Springfield alumni twice a year for events.  

“We try to reach out to Springfield and Kansas City because we have already been in those areas for many years,” Elisa Bryant, alumni relations coordinator, said.

  “The Springfield Cardinals game is a fun event for the alumni while the Kansas City event is more of a business event to get the alumni caught up on all that is new on campus.”  

The alumni are involved with various organizations across campus such as  providing scholarships, career services, mentoring, internships, job shadowing and supporting the University financially, and they are one of the University’s biggest fan clubs.