Comedian a hit with students

Laughter filled Corley Auditorium Tuesday night as Jen Kober walked on stage, leaving a lasting impression.

    Kober is an up and coming comedian and actress touring 88 colleges, one of which was Missouri Southern.

She has been in several productions, from television to movies such as HBO’s Curb your Enthusiasm and American Pie Reunion.

Students gathered to see the typical comedian Instead they found themselves involved in the event as Kober conversed with several in the audience.

   “She didn’t have a set list of events that she was going to do. I like how instead she incorporated the crowd,” said Tiffani Gilbert, junior.

Campus Activity Board hosts a comedy night for students every semester.

“The more students we have, the more energy we have. The more energy we have feeds back into the performances, the events and to the people who are hosting,” junior public relations Dvonta Richard said.

Her openness with the crowd caused constant laughter.

They roared with laughter when she pointed out several students in the audience, conversing with each, and began a stream of jokes from off the top of her head.

“I thought I had broken something I laughed so much. It was relatable, offensive and awesome,” Taylor Haddad, freshman theater major, said.