Letter to the Editor: University Police Department irks student

I would like to express concern with our campus police force. 

I feel as I they are targeting certain students’ vehicles, including my own. 

There have been several occasions where I have walked out of class only to find a certain officer is writing me a citation. 

Most recently, I was given two tickets. 

The first on 10-10-12 for parking in a “restricted area.” This “restricted area” was outside Billingsly Bookstore/ Health Center parking.

I was given this ticket for parking for over 30 minutes. First, it is relatively impossible to get out of the Health Center in 30 minutes. 

Second, the car parked next to mine when I arrived did not, from what I could see, receive a citation. 

Then today [Wednesday], I received a ticket for parking in a “no park zone.” 

This would be understandable, however there were no signs indicating that this area was restricted to students. 

I feel like in the last year, our campus police feel as if they have to prove to students that they are a “real” police force. 

Are they trying to scare our students by giving them tickets, so we don’t act out in other ways? I don’t know. 

Does campus police have anything better to do than write me continuous tickets? Apparently not.

Maybe if they actually did something other than target my car, the Crime Log wouldn’t be so long every week.

Suck it, CamPo.