Saudi Student Club host event to honor Eid Al Adha

Missouri Southern’s Saudi Student Club hosted its second event last Friday to honor Eid Al Adha, a three-day Muslim holiday of sacrifice.

The club showcased its country’s food and cultural dining etiquette by holding a feast.

“We had a remarkable turnout with about 90 people in attendance,” Stephanie Goad, the club’s adviser said. “Many students, staff and community members came to try the traditional foods prepared by our Saudi Student Club members.”

The Saudi students prepared the original recipes from their home country and included a variety of dishes. The club also presented a short feature about the Eid Al Adha and Muslim dining etiquette and danced some traditional dances following the meal.

“We want to celebrate this holiday by allowing people to try some of the foods we eat and learn why we do certain things we do,” said Ahmed Alanazi, Saudi Student Club president.

“Many people are afraid of Muslims because they don’t know the truth about our culture and our customs, and we want to show them we are friendly, giving, peace-loving people like them.”

New on campus, the club has hosted events that have hit it big with students already, and there is more to come.

“[The Saudi Students] are extremely pleased with the support they have received from the students and staff as well as the Joplin community,” Goad said.

“They started the club to raise awareness of Saudi Arabian culture and their Muslim beliefs, and they have accomplished that goal. The club has become an active Registered Student Organization on campus, and we will no doubt see more events next semester.”