Motivation is key, inspiration not enough

Editor explores laziness and how to overcome it in college

Editor explores laziness and how to overcome it in college

We’ve reached the end of week two of this semester.

Congratulations, for those of you who have successfully been to each of your classes everyday on time with your assignments completed and your studying done.

But, let’s be real.

It’s only week two.

I learned last semester that the key to being successful in college isn’t just showing up, doing the work you’ve been assigned, getting enough sleep or making sure you have enough pencils and paper. But rather, it’s motivation.

Let me repeat myself—the key to being successful in college is having the motivation to succeed.

Keep in mind that motivation and inspiration are two completely different things.

You might think that the goals you wish you accomplish that you’ll only be able to fulfill after college is enough to motivate you to do well. You’re wrong.

Those goals are your inspiration to go to college.

Goals alone aren’t enough to keep you from watching Teen Mom 2 the night you have homework in three of your classes because in that moment you aren’t thinking about 10 years from now.

You’re thinking about Janelle and whether or not she’s going to pass her drug test. You must be motivated to stay off the couch.

To be motivated, you must find something that will motivate you this semester.

For instance, this semester I have taken on the role of Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment for my sorority.

In order to be eligible for my position, I must obtain and keep a high GPA.

I have to attend my classes and be on time because if I don’t it will reflect poorly on myself and the other 33 women in my sorority.

I have a responsibility to do well in school and if I do not, I will not be able to keep my position.

BOOM! Motivation.

I’m not suggesting that every student take on such responsibilities (not that it’s a bad idea) because if course work is already too much for you to handle, then it is best you stay focused on that.

But, I am suggesting that everyone find some type of motivation: Something or someone to hold him or her accountable.

For example, tell your best friend that if you skip a class or miss an assignment not to invite you out that weekend.

Or, ask your mom to text you every night and ask if you went to class and if you’re doing well—disappointment from a parent is enough to make anybody want to try harder.

Maybe you could even give yourself so many hours per week to watch TV and if you miss class or and assignment subtract some of those hours. Whatever the case may be, find something to motivate you.

Your inspirations for going to college is what keeps you here but isn’t enough to drive you to succeed each week this semester.

Break up the days and keep, add, subtract whatever it is you plan to do this semester to keep you motivated and be successful.

Stick with it.