Staffer’s call to action: Do the ‘Harlem Shake’

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

The internet is a vast surplus of information and entertainment located at most people’s fingertips throughout the day.

Whether used to Google one’s favorite funny photos of savage panda bears with diapers on, or just to keep up with music on SoundCloud, almost everyone passes extra time throughout the day on the internet.  

This makes the creation of viral videos a common occurrence and young, fun-loving individuals salivate at a chance for 15 minutes of fame, never more apparent than with the recent “Harlem Shake” phenomenon.  

A simple 30 seconds to glory, these videos have made news on a national scale and turned people into wildly-dressed dance-a-holics.

From dorm rooms to newsrooms, it seems no one can resist the contagious beat of “Harlem Shake.”

This includes Missouri Southern’s track & field and cross country teams as they recently participated in some locker room pandemonium. Not to be outdone, there are whispers of a second MSSU “Harlem Shake” video as the football and baseball team may team up to show the Harlem Shakers of the world how it’s done.

But with that said, why not go bigger? Why not take the “Harlem Shake” cake, so to speak?  Why not go where no shake video has gone before?

As most videos on the internet, the “Harlem Shake” will soon become irrelevant. But before that time comes, why shouldn’t the Lions be the ones that own the title of best shake video ever made? This column is a call to action: A request by a student with a dream. That dream is to make the most epic “Harlem Shake” in the history of shaking. But this cannot be done without you.

By you, I mean everyone. Tell your suite mate, tell your mom, tell the girl ringing up your groceries at Walmart, and let us make MOSO the epicenter for what is known as the “Harlem Shake.”