Senate’s tunnel project leaves questions

Next week, Student Senate will come to a decision on whether or not it will spend $4,000 to paint the inside of the tunnel that connects the campus to the residence halls.

Or it’s supposed to, at least. The Senate seems quite torn on this issue. Some senators are sold that a mural on the tunnel wall will be a community art project and like the idea of students making it their own.

Others have reservations about spending $4,000 on the project, saying the tunnel is dirty and not kept in suitable shape.

We’re not sure it’s necessary. Spending the money, that is.

Sure, it’d be nice to have a neat-looking mural for students to look at rather than cracked concrete on their walk to class. But $4,000?

 The way we understand it (it’s about clear as mud), $1,000 is set aside for materials, $1,000 for labor and the rest for some sort of contingency plan.

Contingency plan?

Yeah, apparently the cracks in the walls we sarcastically mentioned earlier are a legitimate concern. The project may require getting a little creative, i.e., adhering plywood or some other surface to the face of the tunnel, then painting the mural on it.

How about instead of spending a couple more thousand bucks on wood to slap over the cracks, we, uh, fill them in, then paint the wall?

We guess that’d make too much sense.

Perhaps we’ll all find out next week.