After the debate, is Trump finished?

When did we get to the point as Americans, where an incumbent president could tell a white supremacist organization to “stand by”, and this was far down on a long list of bad things said on a debate stage?   

How could a pandemic and depression that leave with it great destruction and a death clock that struck 200,000, be described as the best we can do? 

For too long, we have not been willing to fight, get down and dirty to save this democracy. Donald Trump stood on that stage and mocked the Rival candidate for wearing masks in public and responsibly holding events that fit safe guidelines to protect attendees from the virus. 

With Covid 19 on the mind of all Americans, it’s important to ask yourself who won on that issue. Biden hit Trump hard, starting with his refusal to wear masks when appropriate, to his constant downplaying of how serious the threat that Covid posed, and his willingness to watch the stock market over the American people.  

The Coronavirus response will run years into the next president’s term putting hundreds of thousands of lives at stake with respect to how we continue to respond over that period of time. 

I’m sick of seeing these political commentators gaslight us and blabbering about how neither candidate won. Don’t let Trump beat you down into submission, where we make a clear false equivalency between these two candidates 

On one hand we have the openly racist Trumpwho espoused his racism on stage, made fun of Biden for wearing masks in public, continued his conspiracy theory on voter fraud and mail in ballots, refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and when confronted with the 200,000 Americans dead due to his lack of a responsible Coronavirus response, he just chalked it up to the best job in history.  

Then on the other hand we have Joe, your run of the mill career politician, defending his two sons, fending off an unhinged Trump, and talking directly to the American people. 

Don’t get me wrong, Joe Biden is no Bernie Sanders. He does lack the understanding about much of the financial burdens that plague many Americans. But in this election, something different is at stake. Two hundred thousand Americans have died from the Coronavirus and with a president like Donald Trump many more will continue to die.  

In early Aprilaccording to CNBC, “The U.S. Postal Service had drafted a press release announcing plans to send 650 million masks out across the U.S. early in the coronavirus crisis, but the White House ultimately abandoned the plan.”  

As the Pandemic began to spread across America our one saving grace being masks, along with social distancing and smaller shutdowns that would all help stop the spread of the virus, a plan was mixed by the White House of delivering 650 million masks across our land. This report alone indicts the president as guilty, and puts the results of the dead on his hands.  

According to the Washington Post, “There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic,” one administration official said in response to the scrapped mask plan. 

So, with a chance to get out in front with a reasonable response and push the use of masks in public, Trump chose instead to scrap the project and instead move to reopen fully by Easter 

Just ask yourself how many more lives’ you’re willing to risk by voting for Trump. Ask yourself, is there anything Trump could do to lose your vote? If he hasn’t lost your vote already, if he still has your support, don’t talk to me about morals, and never criticize another person ever again. You will have lost my respect, something far less valuable than the 200,000 people we lost to the Coronavirus. 

God Bless Chris Wallace