Woman fired for saving a life

Lakin Adams

Lakin Adams

Recently, CNN published story on a bartender in Shelby, Ohio, who got fired after reporting a DUI to the police.

The bartender called the police after a man attempted to drive after leaving the bar clearly intoxicated.

She told the police the man was in no condition to drive, and two days later her boss fired her because “it was bad for business.”

The boss apparently understood the reason behind calling officials, but said no one wants to go to a bar where police might be outside waiting for them.

What bar isn’t a risk for police to stalk their establishment?

Police know where bars are, especially in small towns. They know when closing time is and know drinking impairs one’s judgment.

So instead of being commended on being a responsible member of society, this woman is punished.

This just doesn’t seem right.

What would have happened if this woman hadn’t called the police and innocent people suffered?

That woman would have had to live with the potential guilt of knowing she could have prevented it, but didn’t.

We should applaud people who do the right thing, not punish them for doing what they thought was best.

This is just absurd and, honestly, unheard of.

Typically, a person is fired for doing something wrong, not because they did something noble.

I use the word noble because in this day and age, doing the “noble” thing is often more of a fleeting thought than an action.

At the very end of the article, the woman stands behind what she did and says she would do it again.

Well, kudos to you bartender from Shelby, Ohio.

We need more people like that and fewer like the boss who decided two days later to let her go.