Lulu provides outlet for crazies

Hey guys, you know that crazy ex-girlfriend of yours who just won’t move on and keeps bringing your name up on her list of past heartbreaks?

Well, she just rated you a 4.7 on Lulu and now your chances of dating anyone else just got slimmer.

Lulu is an app for girls that accesses guys via Facebook to allow rating and reviewing to use as future dating references.

Any girl can log into this app to see ratings of local guys and learn how other local girls view them after past experiences, raters cab classify themselves as friends, crushes, hook-ups, together or ex-girlfriends.

Any girl can search for a guy and review him so he will receive a rating for other girls to see.

To review, girls answer a series of questions based on humor, appearance, manners, sex, first kiss, ambition and commitment.

After answering this series of questions, girls can also pick from a seemingly endless numbers of hash tags provided to describe the guy’s best and worst qualities such as: #WillActSilly, #Sexual Panther, #SmellsAmazeballs and #GoneByMorning. Finally, the victim will be rated on a scale of 1-10 based on the answers and hash tags provided.

Moral of the story is that vindictive and manipulating girls now have an outlet for their madness. When I discovered the app, I thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop reading about all the guys I know. I found it even more hilarious that guys I know who are genuine and great were rated poorly and guys I know who are … less than genuine or great … were rated extremely high.

I realized then that this was a tool for destruction. I was reassured of this theory when a guy told me, “If a girl ever tells me that she doesn’t want to date me because of my rating on Lulu, I’ll politely thank her for sparing me.’”