COVID-19 response differences between U.S. and Europe

The last year was definitely different for everyone. People had to learn to live another way: with restrictions and acceptance.

Although, there were different ways to handle the pandemic all around the world.

I am from Hungary, Eastern Europe, as an international student here and when I arrived in the USA, I felt as though I was in a completely different world.

In Europe, as well as in my country, there are strict restrictions compared to the United States. Such as, there is a curfew in almost every European country, which means that you cannot go to the streets after a certain time – after 8 p.m. in Hungary. In France you are not allowed to go out from your house after 6 p.m.

The shops, supermarkets, and restaurants are closed after this time, so a lot of people had to reschedule their daily routine.

After the spring lockdown, we were allowed to live our life as before during the summer, in my country. But it just made the things worse, so the government closed almost everything again in fall.

The second lockdown still lasts in Hungary, and in a lot of European countries. Gatherings are not allowed over 6-10 people, but that depends on the country. That means a lot of people cannot see their parents or grandparents, if they are not living in the same household.

Restaurants are closed, but you can still order food. Supermarkets and malls are open, but with restrictions. Masks are required everywhere, even in the streets too.

In Missouri, I saw that people wore masks too, but almost everything open.

People are allowed to eat in restaurants, shops are open, you can go out to bars and clubs, which is completely forbidden in Hungary since November, and you do not have to check the time to go home because of the curfew.

The current situation is different in every state, but in Missouri, I did not experience a serious pandemic, compared to Hungary.

As I heard, a lot of people cared about the restrictions at the beginning here and this is why the situation is better than in other states.

I believe that closing the clubs and canceling the big events were the right decisions in Hungary to stop the virus, but there are some restrictions I do not agree with, like the too strict curfew.

Most of the people are really tired of the restrictions in Europe, they are struggling with the lockdown, financially and emotionally.

Cafés, bars, most of the shops had to close permanently, as well as some companies. The governments try to help the organizations and local businesses to keep up with this situation and to reopen when the lockdown is over.

I truly believe that the pandemic could end sooner if people keep on and follow the restrictions. I cannot wait to get back our safe and normal life in Europe too!