Manziel is just living the college dream

Johnny Manziel tweet

Johnny Manziel tweet

John Davidson, Staff Writer

Johnny Manziel has established himself as the most controversial player in college football.

Fresh off of a Heisman trophy award-winning season, Manziel decided to spend the offseason celebrating in the most literal sense.

An offseason mired with parties, irresponsibility and ill-advised tweets—all of which were reported extensively by ESPN—ended with Manziel being investigated by the NCAA for selling his autographs.

As a 19-year-old, Manziel took college football by storm. Texas A&M moved to the SEC before the season and was projected to be mediocre, but behind Manziel’s arm and legs made it to the Cotton Bowl.

While leading A&M to a high profile bowl game, Manziel handed eventual national title winner Alabama its only loss of the season, crushed Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl and became the first player ever to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman.

I probably would have been celebrating the entire offseason, too.

Moving on to this season, Manziel had to serve a half-game suspension against Rice for the autograph scandal despite being found innocent. All he did in the second half was throw three touchdown passes in just over 20 minutes.

However, Manziel fell under more scrutiny when he taunted a Rice defender by fake signing an autograph for him, receiving a penalty because of it and getting benched for the remaining 10 minutes of the game. A defender for Rice was mouthing Johnny Manziel, the best player in football, and he didn’t put up with it.

Why is his response a surprise?

Why is an irrelevant penalty that had no bearing on the game being talked about when he just threw three touchdowns against only two incomplete passes?

Manziel is a 20-year-old college student fresh off of a season in which he won the award for being the best player in the nation.

People love a humble superstar, but that the fact of the matter is that Manziel is living the life so many people wish they were living. Something makes me think that Manziel isn’t the first college kid who has thrown back a few alcoholic beverages before the age of 21.

He is having a good time being a college student, whether the general public approves of it or not.