Not your grandmother’s grammys

Imagine watching the Grammys last Sunday with your grandma. You’re nestled snuggly on her 1970s upholstered couch, and she’s making cookies, you hope, when from out of the darkness of her decades-old TV comes the opening scene of the Grammys: a scantily-dressed Beyoncé throwing down the bump and grind on what seemed to be a very happy chair. Your grandmother looks at you, your face flushes red, you avoid eye contact and hope that is the only awkward moment as you watch a show supposedly devoted to music. If that is your hope, it carries about as much weight as hoping the lion statue in the Oval will pounce on the kid that answers every question in your biology class, because the once-great show that used to reward and showcase the best in the music industry has become a platform where “cool” celebrities get to dance mostly naked, promote social agendas and mock conservative principals.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were many performances worth watching, but the recurring theme of the night was not the rewarding of musicians but the promoting of what those musicians want socially. If you watched the Grammys, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, listen. Around the two-hour point came the “edgy” vomiting up of social agendas. Macklemore burst on stage to perform his hit “Same Love” (an ode to the idea that one day everyone will accept homosexuality as permissible), to the backdrop of a glowing sliver cross and traditional church-like setting, possibly to mock close to half of the country that doesn’t embrace the homosexual agenda for religious reasons, and possibly just in poor taste. Either way, they were just getting started.

Next, through vapors of fog and sweat arose her magisty Queen Latifah to bond a collection of heterosexual and homosexual couples in not-so-holy matrimony, shortly followed by the arrival of holiness herself, Madonna, to sing their marriages into the future. If you are like me, at that point you were asking, “Isn’t this show about music? What the heck just happened?”

If a single person on that show had said they support traditional marriage, they would have been looked at like they had just jackhammered a basketful of kittens.

I don’t hate homosexuals or their right to advance their cause, but like Grandma always says, there is a time and place for everything.