Why I will be voting no to the ROAR fund

Kjersti McDonald Mug

Kjersti McDonald Mug

The ROAR fund proposed by the athletic department will be put to a vote on April 29 and 30. The ROAR fee would include a $4 per credit hour charge for each student and all but 10 percent will be used for the enhancement of athletic facilities here on campus.

I have nothing against the athletic department or any of the athletic teams here on campus. There are many students who enjoy going to games and activities hosted by the athletic department, and many student athletes who invest their time and effort into their involvement with such activities. Unfortunately, I am in neither of those categories.

I’m enrolled full-time in classes while working 30 hours a week, and my free time between homework and work tends to be minimal. I have a boyfriend, a puppy, two cats and a home to take care of. I simply do not have the time to dedicate to attending sporting events or many activities here on campus.

It is hard for me to justify spending up to an extra $60 per semester for the enhancement of facilities I do not frequent. That money represents a full month of gas for my car, a single phone bill, electric bill, water bill, dog food, human food – so many things I am already struggling to afford. I depend largely on grant, scholarships and student loans to help me go to school, and adding another $120 per year to that bill does not appeal to me.

What other options does the athletic department have to increase funds for these proposed improvements? Are there ways to enhance the current avenues for funds without pulling from the students’ wallets? These are questions I hope were asked and answered before the ROAR fee was proposed.

Let’s not forget, this fee would be indefinite. Every student who attends MSSU in the future would be subject to this fee without the option of a vote.

Regardless of the vote’s outcome, we have been given the power to affect our campus community. I urge all students to research the ROAR fund and decide for yourself if this is a necessary fee for you and all future MSSU students.