Wandersense exhibit at Spiva Gallery



The two artists featured in Spiva Art Gallery present Wandersense, a collaborative work that combines paintings and architecture.

According to their artist statement, Jen Waters and Natalia Zubko demonstrate with this exhibit the power combining multiple media has.

Waters portion of the exhibit highlights fragments of a specific paragraph from Virginia Woolf’s 1922 novel, Jacob’s Room. The words reflect on a character, Mrs. Jarvis, and her experience walking through parts of Cornwall, England, maps of which serve as the background for the text.

Zubko works with the given space, using Waters’ work as inspiration. The color scheme from the paintings is echoed on the beams.

Zubko also uses the architecture of the room to guide her work. The diagonal beams of the exhibit mimic the narrow windows and beams of the gallery space. Wandersense will be on exhibit at Spiva Art Gallery through Thursday, Feb. 12.