John Cena grants record 500th wish

On Aug. 24, the face of the WWE John Cena granted his 500th wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cena appeared on NBC’s Today show to capture the milestone moment with an 8-year-old kid name Rocco Lanzer.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1980 that grants a wish for children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

Lanzer, who was diagnosed with leukemia in January, like the previous 499 children before him, is a huge John Cena fan.

“He reminds kids to never give up,” Lanzer told Today about his idol.

I can’t respect Cena enough for the dedication and selflessness he’s provided to a record number, 500 hundred children. The WWE and its superstars are often overlooked in their impact and countless amount of effort they make to give back to their fans. And John Cena is in the forefront of not just the WWE but of all athletes who bend backwards to grant wishes to children battling every day of their lives.

I believe John Cena is the most inspirational athlete in sports today. Yes, over LeBron James. Yes, over Serena Williams. Yes, over Ronda Rousey. Cena markets a brand in the WWE that is fake and scripted. Yet he has as great an impact as those athletes I just named.

During my grade school years when I watched wrestling, John Cena was also my favorite wrestler. What I love about Cena’s role in the WWE is that he embodies fight and the will to never give up. I couldn’t wait to go to school on Tuesday mornings and talk about what happened on Monday Night Raw and how John Cena could beat any wrestler.

Wrestling aside, I don’t know Cena personally but the guy comes off as first class and a standup guy. He’s changed not just the lives of 500 hundred children, but of the families also. His impact and inspiration is much greater than the number 500.

Never give up!