Serena Williams continues to prosper amid criticism from the peanut gallery

Here she goes again. Another win for the leading lady of tennis, Serena Williams. Serena breezed through her first-round match at the US Open, the final grand slam of 2015. Champion, Serena Williams only needed thirty minute to defeat Russia’s Vitalia Diatchenko in the first round. Williams has a 22 grand slam win overall and she doesn’t plan on stopping there.

The young superstar told CNN reporters, “It’s great to be here, to be American, to be on this journey in my life.”

Williams greatly appreciates the ones that have supported her throughout her journey as she continues to grow and perfect her craft. She dominates the US Open, very humble and elated for every opportunity that presents itself to her.

“It’s kind of awesome that this is the last grand slam of the year. If it were in a different country, I’d still love it, but it’s not the same as being an American playing in New York, playing for the ultimate goal,” said Williams.

Playing against her sister has made her a stronger athlete; it has made her who she is. She also states that she is very religious and she feels that God is the one who guided her physically and mentally to the success that she has achieved.

I believe Williams is a true all American who has put her all into a sport that she’s extremely passionate about. She has shown that she has the dedication, love and integrity to play the game of tennis, not only to win, but to make our country proud.

Williams is every girl’s role model and every man’s dream. I believe that she isn’t done defending her name yet; there is more in store for this thriving 33 year old. Williams fought for the title as a champion and an undefeated women’s tennis athlete.