Forget your fear

It’s not crazy to chase your dreams

The older generation labels us “millenials.” But we consider ourselves undefinable. Our generation craves change. We crave ownership. We crave creativity. We crave to be different and to make a difference.

How does this generational craving for new beginnings transpire into our everyday lives? Well, it doesn’t, until we let it and believe in it.

Individuals who have changed and shaped how we view business, media and social constructs did not sit on the sidelines while others paved the way. They were the ones determined to win and work the necessary hours to further their goals.

The college years are about understanding who we are. How does one best understand who he or she is until there is a risk taken or uncertain opportunity seized?

We all have a deep desire to do something great, but we waste countless hours in mindless activity that then hinders our future. We are ultimately the ones holding ourselves back.

Greatness starts with an idea or a dream. Unfortunately, that is where it stops for most—just an idea or a dream. Fear of the unknown holds us restricts us from forming the beginning steps of this dream we’ve dreamt.

The idea of accomplishing our dreams quickly escapes us due to our mindsets, choices and attitudes. Our lives and the lives of others we’re around will change for the better when we grasp this concept: We have a positive voice needing to be heard.

I’d encourage students not to let themselves be hindered by their own mindsets or preconceived notions. Our generation thrives on creativity and personal greatness, but most often we refuse to take the first step towards accomplishing these goals because of fear.

We reflect fear because we are around other people who are afraid. Be unique, be different and believe that true change can happen—and that it starts with you.