Our Opinion: Americans should respect a fresh perspective

Fellow candidates, both republican and democratic, national television pundits and Missouri Southern students have questioned Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ beliefs and policies this week. 

Those opposed to his views say things like “I do not view Bernie as a remotely viable candidate.” Or “a government big enough to fulfill his promises is big enough to wreak havoc.” Some even state he should “get a real job before messing with others.” 

The fact is Sanders has had a “real job” for quite some time. Before becoming a Democrat in 2015, Sanders was the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history. 

Voters first elected him in 1991, and he has served on many important committees in both congress and the Senate since. Before his 25 years of national experience, he served as mayor of Burlington, Vt. for eight years.   

Recent polls show Sanders in a virtual dead heat with Hillary Clinton in Nevada, whose primary is tomorrow. National polls show Sanders gaining ground on the former Secretary of State, and he recently raised $5.1 million in 21 hours. He’s certainly viable. 

Sanders has the “big mo,” momentum in political speak. It’s clear that Hillary is in for a fight.