Kanye West continues to make WAVES

In an industry filled with many different personalities, Kanye West has always been the rose that grew from the concrete. Ye’, Mr. West, Yeezus, whatever you want to call him you can argue he has many different personalities as he has shown in every single one of his seven albums. 

He went from a college dropout to calling himself Yeezus in his last album. 

Kanye has been influential in hip-hop culture since his first album, “College Dropout”, whether it’s the fashion or the waves he makes in headlines every day. 

We are all familiar with the Kanye and Taylor Swift drama that lasted quite some time, but Kanye has done more building up than tearing down. He recently passed the torch of record label, G.O.O.D Music to Pusha T so he can focus on his upcoming album, “WAVES.” 

The album was set to release February 11th, but has already caused controversy on social media. 

Kanye and rapper, Wiz Khalifa exchanged subliminal tweets after Kanye changed the name of his album from “SWISH” to “WAVES”. Wiz felt like Kanye wasn’t paying homage to rapper, Max B, who basically reinvented the word waves. 

It doesn’t matter what side you fall on, as a hip-hop fan you should be excited about rappers calling each other out. It brings back the Golden Age of rap music when everything was pure and direct. 

Although the twitter beef only lasted several hours everyone in the twitter world knew about it. 

It shows how Kanye has a knack of turning negative things into ways he can help himself. 

I’ve yet to see a commercial of Kanye promoting WAVES, so the little exchange he had with Wiz was great, free promotion for his album—not like Kanye has money problems. 

This album can solidify Kanye among the hip-hop greats if it delivers. I’m talking Rolling Stone, top 5 of all-time list. Will it deliver? We are talking about “YEEZUS,” the guy with 7 platinum albums. 

The real question should be how fast will it take “WAVES” to get to a million sales. With features from artist like Kendrick Lamar, and ASAP Rocky look for “WAVES” to potentially surpass “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” as my favorite Kanye album, and maybe yours as well.