Alumni Association sponsors networking event

The Carthage Chamber of Commerce will soon be hosting a networking opportunity for its members. This time around, the networking meeting will be sponsored by the Alumni Association of Missouri Southern State University.

Neely Myers, the membership director of the Carthage Chamber, explained that the Chamber puts on these networking opportunities three times a year. Those three opportunities rotate to being either a Business After Hours, Friday Coffee, or a Quarterly Luncheon. These events are so popular, however, that all of them are sold out for this year through the month of November. Their popularity among Chamber members is nothing short of surprising.

According to Myers, the people who attend these events are a mixed bag in terms of their careers. Not all attendees, however, are members of the Chamber. She cited business owners, managers, and young professionals as just some of the people who attend these networking opportunities.

“I think a lot of times it [has] to do with who’s hosting,” said Myers. “It’s a general mix of our membership.”

Myers explained that these get-togethers serve the purpose of giving people the chance to meet people that they might not otherwise meet. 

However, because the meetings always rotate what they are and who they’re sponsored by, they are always very different.

“Because they’re always different, it would be hard to make a general statement except to say that they’re an amazing way for people to network outside of their business walls,” Myers said. 

The Business After Hours event will be held on February 25, but is sold out. 

Members of the Chamber who are looking to attend their next networking event can refer to their website calendar at 

Their calendar also contains a list of every other available event that the Chamber will be putting on this year.