Final exam season is stressful time

Now that we, as students at Missouri Southern State University, are coming to the final down wind of our spring 2016 semester, stress is becoming more and more inevitable. Coping with the stress of being a college student and wanting to pass your classes can be tough. 

As students we try everything in our power to stay sane and focused during this time. We put an emphasis on our coffee intake so that we can stay up late and study. We last minute study before any test and or presentation. All these things could be avoided with help from the environment around us. 

Universities all over the United States have different ways of helping their students during this difficult phase. New York University located in New York City, New York hands out “goodie” bags that contain chocolate, and stress balls. NYU hands these out not only during finals madness but as well as midterms. Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island has a very unique way of coping with the stress. Their annual “Naked-Doughnut Run”. The run includes a secret group of people who will go around campus and deliver doughnuts in the nude. Awkwardly funny, but a great way to put a smile on a stressed face. This has become a tradition at Brown and the university shows its support every semester. At Tulane University, they have a dining called “Cram Jam”. During “Cram Jam” students can dine in at their dining facilities late at night and include a load of music, food, and for all intensive purposes fun! 

Located in Athens, Georgia the University of Georgia offers tables in their library that have stress detoxifying activities. Coloring Books, Puzzles, and on occasions free Joe is offered. Although many may think these activities are child-like they can ease your mind of incredible stress. The Sun Devil’s at Arizona State University have an event called Smoothie Saturday where parents of students come in to make homemade smoothies for their children. By getting the parents involved ASU is showing students their support systems they have while attending college. It’s a great time to catch up with family and enjoy a nice smoothie. 

These are just a few of many colleges that take into consideration the amount of a stress a student is under around this point of the semester. As far as Southern goes, we have what we like to call Finals Madness. Final’s madness includes fun and interactive activities for students and provides food. One of the hardest things to do in college is to stay focused. We can all agree on that. But, with focus comes determination and if you’re determined to succeed you will do just that.