iPhone update causes glitches for some


Susannah Schrader Art/Feature Editor

When Apple released iOS 10 on Sept. 13, it was marketed as the biggest software update ever, full of amazing new features and changes. Anyone who’s downloaded the update knows that’s true: the messaging alone is full of countless new features and ways to irritate and bombard your friends. But for a lot of people, iOS 10 is coming with a lot of problems.

While talking to my best friend, a fellow iPhone 6 owner, we got on the topic of iOS 10. I quickly discovered she was having just as many issues as I was, and, as it tends to go with us, we bonded even further over our mutual hatred of the update.

Again, it isn’t that the update isn’t cool, because it is. But the issues we’ve experienced are making using the phones nigh unto impossible sometimes. My personal issues with it have been the phone not responding to my touch, freezing, and, when turned off, displaying a fuzzy black screen that makes it look like the device is malfunctioning. My friend, on the other hand, has had hers turn itself off, lock up, freeze, lose service, quit sending and receiving texts, black out, turn itself off, and turn its own volume up. Her annoyance is such that she coined a new term: instead of, “Thanks, Obama,” she now says, “Thanks, iOS 10.”

It probably has less to do with the update than it does the fact that our phones are a few years old, and Apple is not known for building phones that function perfectly for very long. But still, it’s frustrating that the second-newest generation of the phone can’t even handle an update. iOS 10 is supposed to be fun, not make me want to tear my hair out. Issues that I’ve dealt with on my phone before have come back with a vengeance with this godforsaken update, and it is not doing wonders for my blood pressure.

I guess the real issue here is that Apple creates its products, phones especially, to not last very long so you’re forced to buy a new one much more quickly than you’d have to buy another brand of phone. The updates, like iOS 10, just rub that fact in your face. It’s really sort of sleazy, but it’s how they’ve operated for years, and they’ll probably continue to operate like this.

Armed with this knowledge of Apple’s crooked nature, I will skip merrily into the sunset, cursing my phone and working out which organs I’ll have to sell to buy the iPhone 7.