Campus gets more colorful

Disney’s “Pocahontas” said that we can paint with all the colors in the wind and on Sept. 7, students did just that. The McCormick Courtyard was full of colorful footprints, colorful people and yes, colorful wind as Missouri Southern’s Campus Activities Board hosted its new action-packed event, the Chalk Color Wars. 

Student Engagement Director Ryan Orcutt said this event was inspired in a way for MSSU Lions to get their manes messy.

“This is something that we knew we could get a group out, have a good time, the weather is still good and get messy and have fun,” Orcutt said.

The almost two-hour event had a good turnout that Orcutt believes will only be increased from here. 

“I think if we can provide these opportunities and they see that students are having a good time with it then more and more will be engaged to participate,” Orcutt said.

Students showed up wearing white clothing and left looking like a rainbow thanks to the chalk and the paint. They battled one another by playing Twister, a fun form of softball, and of course, sidewalk chalk.

If you are wanting to get involved with events like this one with the Campus Activities Board, you can reach out to the student activities office located in Billingsly to get connected and for more information on upcoming events, make sure to check out CAB’s website, that’s or give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their newly added, TikTok account.