Tales from our troops: what does Memorial Day mean to you?



U.S. Navy Veteran, Sierra Hatton.

With everything terrible going on in the military today I know it use to be worse, and anyone who’s lost their life in the military or because of it has my deepest respect. It’s usually about BBQ and grilling for most people. To me it’s not a happy celebratory day.

— Sierra Hatton, U.S. Navy Veteran



Rashawn Davis, U.S. National Guard

This day is to remember those who gave it all for what we have to be grateful for today. For me it’s to remember those that came home but didn’t survive the battle at home, reintegration to civilian life, which is sometimes harder than the war they were sent in to.

— Rashawn Davis, U.S. Nation Guard

U.S. Marine, Myles Grissom.

A time to remember those who have come before us. Memorial Day is a day for the living to remember and live for those who sacrificed for our freedoms.

— Myles Grissom, U.S Marine

Matthew Kirkland, U.S. Army Veteran

Memorial Day to me is a day to reflect. To remember all of those that we have lost, not only in the military but law enforcement, first responders and firefighters as well. I think people should a have cookout, have fun and enjoy the day because I know that is what every one of those fallen would want them to do.” “The Fallen shall always be remembered as America’s greatest.

— Matthew Kirkland, U.S. Army Veteran

Taylor Sisk, U.S. Air Force Veteran

Memorial Day, to me, is to honor those that have lost the fight, in one way or another. Whether on the battlefield or at home that have lost the war of the mind. It’s to honor and remember them. Lost, but not forgotten.

— Taylor Sisk, U.S. Air Force Veteran


Thank You For Your Service