MSSU offers new financial forgiveness plan

Former Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) students with a hold on their account, can now finish their degree without having to worry about any prior debt. MSSU created a new program to help former students who have a hold on their account due to previous debt to enable them to return to school at MSSU. 

According to Tyler Meyer, MSSU Financial Aid Counselor, qualifying students must have been enrolled in Fall 2021 or any semester prior and have a hold on their account due to an existing balance. Whether two or 10 years ago, it doesn’t matter as long a student was previously enrolled at MSSU. 

To begin readmission, a student must enroll in six hours and pay in full. To begin the enrollment process, students must visit the admissions office on campus to complete a financial forgiveness application, then visit the bursars office to sign a financial responsibility agreement.  

“It is pretty cut and dry,” Bursar Alicia Hughes said. “There’s not a whole lot of stipulations.” 

Everyone involved in the program is eager to encourage students to return to college.  

“I’m  pretty excited about it,” Hughes said. “I hope it brings people out of the woodwork, now is the time.” 

Interested students can receive a readmission application by calling the admissions department at 417-625-9715, or call Tyler Meyer at 417-625-9584 for more information about the Financial Forgiveness program.