Stadium turn signal is a work in progress


Susannah Schrader, executive editor

One of Student Senate’s priorities is the addition of a left-turn signal on Duquesne Road at the entrance to the football stadium parking lot.

by Cora Butcher-Spellman Associate Editor

Student Senate met for a body meeting Wednesday to further discuss priorities for the semester.

The meeting opened with an update on progress toward filling the three senator vacancies.

Next, the group gave an update on the city’s study of the proposed turn signal by the stadium. The Student Senate endorsed this study in the past in the hopes that a turn signal could be installed to ensure pedestrian safety. At this time, city officials say the amount of traffic at that intersection does not warrant the need to change the stoplight.

The school plans to evaluate this study to ensure they’re doing their “due diligence” according to Darren Fullerton, vice president of student affairs.

Members of each committee updated the body on the ideas they’ve been considering since last week. These tentative plans include hosting the annual pool party again, a scheduled day for student senators to volunteer at Watered Gardens, a market-style event for registered student organizations to sell their merchandise and crafts, and a Disney trip for students interested in learning more about an internship with Disney.

The Student Senate also voted unanimously to allocate money for vinyl banners for registered student organizations to be created an hung in the Lion’s Den.