Sleeping at Last is an engaging musical experience for all

Cally Chisholm Staff writer

The man behind the moniker is Ryan O’Neal: Chicago native who has created some of the most underappreciated and hauntingly beautiful music I have heard. 

His Atlas: Year Two project has consisted of EPs and albums that are theme based. 

His latest releases are all inspired by the Enneagram, which is a personality test that consists of nine distinct types. O’Neal has only released “One” through “Seven.” Fans like me are anxiously anticipating “Eight” and “Nine.” 

While these nine tracks are in itself an album in progress, it will be a part of the larger collection of songs titled Atlas: Year Two. Along with the “Enneagram” theme, fans also can enjoy songs about “Life,” “Senses,” “Emotions,” and “Intelligence.” 

The way O’Neal organizes his music into categories is intriguing, because I don’t see other musical artists doing this as flawlessly. 

Soft and pretty are the words that best describe how his music sounds, but his lyrics are so touching and meaningful. Each track is different and reflects the one-word titles seamlessly. 

The songs from the “Enneagram” section of the collection is especially engaging to listeners. If you know your personality type, you can find the melody specifically crafted for you. 

The aesthetic of each song is tailored to match personality types. For example, “One” has a faster tempo in comparison to “Six,” which is my personal favorite.

Track “Six” is a beautiful and emotional song that expresses the battles people can have about anxiety and stress. I could especially relate to this since I am a type six. 

The lyrics really stick home for me because it deals with fear that can keep us from enjoying life. On his official website, O’Neal describes the song as “a hug. A big one.” 

I highly recommend the Atlas: Year Two project to everyone and I also hope this peaks curiosity over the Enneagram test. 

I encourage everyone to take time to experience Sleeping at Last and explore the rest of his discography. It’s the perfect background music for your study sessions or for helping you relax after a long day of classes.  There is something for everyone.