Don’t make a peep watching “A Quiet Place”

Melanie Dunnic Managing editor

With Halloween fast approaching, Netflix has released numerous flicks that will surely have viewers screaming with fright. 

A Quiet Place is a 90-minute drama, sci-fi thriller that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where extra-terrestrial creatures hunt for the kill. 

A major plot twist in this film is that silence must be practiced with the utmost urgency; the creatures thrive on noise and this is how they capture their prey.

The Abbott family is introduced in the beginning of the film, scavenging for supplies to survive. 

The Abbott’s consist of wife Evelyn, husband Lee, two sons Marcus and Beau, and congenitally deaf daughter Regan. 

Silence is practiced religiously, sign language is used daily, and the fight for survival is prominent as ever.

As the Abbott’s continue their treacherous journey trying to outrun and outsmart these creatures, Lee struggles significantly to contact the estranged world alongside multiple attempts at improving Regan’s cochlear implant. 

Lee has a low success rate and the world around them continues to grow grimmer by the day.

Hardships and unexpected loss visit the Abbott’s at their most vulnerable, tearing the family strength apart and inviting in more danger. 

Evelyn discovers she is pregnant with their fourth child as well, creating more chances of being discovered in the months to come.

As the months creep by, the creatures gain in strength and numbers as the Abbott family continues to struggle to find safety to survive and closes in on Evelyn’s due date. 

An abandoned farm home is discovered, and the Abbotts take refuge, but not long before hell breaks loose once more.

Intense scenes of near-death escapes, gigantic noise diversions to distract the creatures from killing the entire family, and heroic acts of sacrifice are just a few exciting things about A Quiet Place most Netflix/horror film lovers will enjoy.

This movie is not recommended for the faint at heart and/or non-horror film addicts.

A Quiet Place has been rated PG-13 for scenes of violence and horror and brief, coarse language.

Just remember: If they hear you, they hunt you.