Kavanaugh confirmation hearing shows Republican Party’s true colors


Cally Chisholm Staff Writer

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s belligerent and emotional display at his confirmation hearings on Sep. 27 was an embarrassment to the job he claims to be right for.

However, he is not entitled to the honor of being confirmed into this lifelong Supreme Court position.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is more credible. She was open and involved in the search for the truth. She took a polygraph test, requested an FBI investigation, and called for outside witnesses to testify. 

Kavanaugh has not done any these things. Innocent people wouldn’t want to stand in the way of the truth. Ford displayed poise, intelligence, and bravery before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

No matter the outcome of the hearings, she started a worldwide conversation about sexual assault and the handling of it within our government. It is chilling that there are people in positions of power that don’t care about the allegation. 

There is a temptation for Republicans to look the other way because Kavanaugh’s confirmation would be a victory for conservative agendas like the pro-life movement. 

There are other options, here–Kavanaugh is not the only judge capable of filling this seat. 

Author and activist Glennon Doyle tweeted, “No one really believes this woman is lying. If they vote him in: It is because they believe her and don’t care.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) burst into an angry rant during the hearing and accused the Democrats of “the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics.”

One has to wonder where his frustration was when moderate Merrick Garland was denied filling the Supreme Court vacancy after the death of the conservative Antonin Scalia in 2016.

I have more reasons to believe Ford. She has nothing to gain here. No woman wants to rehash the details of her assault with the world watching and judging. She knew she would receive backlash but was courageous enough to do what she called her “civic duty.”

This isn’t normal. Judges are meant to be nonpartisan enforcers of the law. 

It is evident from the partisan rants and flippant disrespect towards Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) Kavanaugh is not suited for that responsibility. 

If Kavanaugh gets confirmed, so does the sexism that has permeated and stained our society for too long. Even if he is innocent, the treatment of sexual assault allegations from the Republican party and current administration sends a message to potential predators that they could get away with a heinous crime. 

They could even be confirmed into the Supreme Court.

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