Safety follows sensibility

One would think common sense is a leading factor in considering safe sex. However, a recent stretch of gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases has been seen on campus.

It appears common sense is no longer applicable when it comes to relationships.

Safety in relationships comes when both parties are open to one another and willing to make some sacrifice to remain comfortable and healthy with his or her partner.

The beginnings of a lifetime together rely on honesty and trust. This goes all the way to the bed. Should a couple decide sex is appropriate at the time, there should be an open discussion and not simply the giving in to temptation.

Promiscuity leads to a dangerous and unhappy time in a young person’s life. The mistakes of the past are hard to erase when they take a toll on a person’s body and life.

It is because trust and honesty are so seldom required today in such situations that everyone needs to take some precautions against STDs. Most often, this means waiting.

Abstinence can prevent all illnesses, including those which come from making a poor decision. Self-control is all that is needed to keep everyone safe.

Whether a person will admit it or not, the risk of getting an STD will outweigh the feelings of sexual temptation and promiscuity when it comes down to the last moment.

Students should remember that it is easy to contemplate the future because it hasn’t happened yet. However, it is much harder to remember the past.