Chart announces spring editors

For the spring semester, the new editors for The Chart have been announced.

Nate Billings, who has served as editor-in-chief this semester, will be stepping down from the position and will take the No. 2 position as executive editor.

Jessica MacIntosh will take over for Billings’ as the new editor-in-chief.

Adam Fast will move up to director of photography.

Andy Tevis will move to design editor.

Parker Willis will serve as Diversions editor.

Scott Hasty will become International Editor.

Kathleen Cunningham will move up to become assistant editor.

Dwayne Mactavious will replace Randall Benson as the online editor.

Chris Smith will join staff as assistant sports editor.

Hallie Hocker will step down as assistant editor, but will remain on staff.

Auriel Brown, managing editor, and T.J. Gerlach, senior editor, will remain in their current positions.