Southern theatre students showcase ‘Plaza Suites’

Scene from Plaza Suites

Scene from Plaza Suites

Scene from Plaza Suites

Missouri Southern’s theatre department’s latest production, set to open next week is a rendition of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite.

Each act is directed by a faculty member and takes place in suite at Hotel Plaza in New York.

Directed by Todd Manley, the first act features Sam and Karen Nash.

Sam is played by Kaden Propps while Chelsie Jeffries portrays Karen. The couple visits the suite because of Karen’s attempt to rekindle the romance in their marriage.

The next act directed by Dr. Jim Lile, involves a meeting between movie producer Jesse Kiplinger and suburban housewife Muriel Tate, played by Carly Ball

In this act Muriel comes to chat with an old friend, Jesse, with the intention of keeping the visit short. Played by Hulon J. Smith, Jesse has a reputation as a ladies’ man and intends to seduce Muriel.

Led by Associate Professor Anne Lile, the third act revolves around the married Hubleys, Roy and Norma, played respectively by Austin Henady and Kayley Baumhover.

This act involves the wedding day of Norma and Roy’s daughter Mimsey. Before the wedding, Mimsey has locked herself in the bathroom of the suite, refusing to come out.

“Throughout the act you get to see me go through a rollercoaster of emotions as the stress of the day gets to everyone,” said Henady, cast as the father of the bride. “You see Roy and Norma go through the stresses of big wedding days and how their expectation of perfection is shattered. Some of it rational and calm and others explosive and downright crazy and only makes sense in the context of the situation.

“But at the end you get really heartfelt moments [that] shows this couple truly love each other, even if they have a weird way of showing it.”