Going above and beyond

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For some people, passion ignites when they were younger. Others find it in middle- or high school.

Since it is common to discover passion at a young age, many might think this is the only time they can branch out to discover new things, but that is not the case. It is possible, and quite common, to find interests later in life.

College is a great example of this. In addition to being an institution of learning and preparation for one’s career, college is the prime place to branch out and join extracurriculars.

With a variety of organizations, certificates, practicums and other outlets, Missouri Southern is the ideal place to nurture these interests.

Some people are hesitant to join extracurriculars because of time and stress. While these are valid reasons, it is also good to weigh the positive outcomes.

Joining extracurriculars presents a chance to cultivate your interests outside of your career path, as well as meet new people and make new friends.

People you might could turn into lifelong friends, and through organizations, you could meet people who would be crucial contacts in finding a job in your field.

Some academic programs also require graduating seniors to present a portfolio of original content in a capstone course.

 In between juggling classes and work, it can be hard to generate additional content on your own, but when you’re active in a content generating environment, it’s made a bit easier.

It can be helpful to fill your portfolio with things you put a lot of passion and care into rather than just class assignments. It gives you an opportunity to branch out in what you do while also discovering your strengths.

Additionally, it can help you learn to juggle several responsibilities, which will be helpful in past graduation.

Being involved in organizations is also helpful when applying for scholarships. If you’re applying for financial aid, department officials like to know if you are involved around campus outside of classes.

Including this information on your applications can boost your chances of being selected for scholarships and other awards.

Expanding your horizons and being open to new experiences is great and can be eye-catching to future employees. One things employers love in potential employees is being well-rounded.

If you’re not part of an extracurricular organization or practicum, then consider it. Sure, it’s another commitment in addition to classes, but in return, you will learn, grow as a person, and make new friends.