Climate change is real, we must make a change soon

Climate change is something we see in the news every day of our lives. Not a single day goes by where we don’t hear a single thing about climate change or global warming.

It swamps our social media and blares on tv screens. Our president yells and tweets that it’s not a real thing, but it’s very much so.

    As college students we may see this as something that doesn’t really affect us. There’s no way it could.

Right now, in this moment, it may seem that nothing’s going on. You look upon campus and you see that it’s the typical winter Joplin weather of dark and gloomy. But what you see now is not what you’ll see in the future.

    The Earth is already starting to show effects of Climate Change. The ice caps are slowly starting to melt, making the oceans rise.

The growing seasons are starting to become longer due to carbon emissions being trapped in our atmosphere. Trees and animals are dying at a rate that nobody seems to care about.

While all of this doesn’t seem to be affecting you in the moment it is.

    Most of us want to become older and have our dream jobs we’re in college for and start a family. Some of us already have that.

Climate change will affect those of future generations to come. In some way it will play a shift in our jobs about different things we have to do.

Our children may have to grow up with a certain animal we have everywhere now, but then extinct.

    The oceans are polluted with 5.25 trillion pieces of trash that are slowly killings marine life. That’s 88 percent of the ocean coverage.

    This past February was one of the hottest Februarys ever recorded, but also had crazy cold temperatures such as in Las Vegas where it even snowed.

    Using less energy or finding ways to not use as much fossil fuels can help.

Recycle your trash that can. Try to use less glass when possible. Educate your family and friends about what things are happening to the world.

Research the things that could be done. Make a difference in the world. Every little bit counts. The world needs more and goes farther than biodegradable straws.