Living under minimum wage

I along with many other Americans know the struggle of living off of minimum wage too well. 

Growing up in a single parent household went beyond dealing with a piece of sandwich bread for a hotdog bun. 

The constant stress of living paycheck to paycheck with every ounce of faith in prayer that a rainy day wouldn’t come along was the normal growing up. 

Being thankful for donation funded hospitals for treatment of a chronic back issue or family friends who provide Christmas gifts when there would have been an empty tree base were monumental moments in the life of a family who was having to live off minimum wage. 

Between facing financial hardships growing up, talking to someone who is currently affected by low minimum wage, and reading Nickel and Dimed it is no question that living on minimum wage alone is virtually impossible without major sacrifice of needs. 

Basic needs of food, health, and shelter come into battle of importance and what is sustainable for an individual without other forms of income.

Lexi Conway is a 2019 communications department graduate of Missouri Southern. She now works in a marketing department at a local medical center.