Finding the right way to exercise

Every college student should make a regular habit of going to the recreational center or a gym. The reason being exercise is tailor made to benefit the lifestyle of the stressed college student. Ask any exercise nerd about the benefits of working out or being active and they will likely talk to you until your ears fall off.

Just to name a few benefits regular exercise can bring stress relief, more confidence, increased energy, restful sleep, improved brain function and a more positive self-image.  All those benefits fit perfectly to the needs of any college scholar. These are not the only benefits however; each individual’s workout routine brings unique benefits depending on the type of exercise involved.

Although the gym can be a bit daunting with the various pieces of confusing equipment or the feeling of not belonging these are not good enough reasons to be deterred. The secret is at one point or another everyone there felt exactly like you do or might still feel that way. That is why it is so crucial to get a trainer or to join an exercise class.

Getting a trainer or joining a class each have their own specific benefits. Starting with the personal trainer you instantly gain a wealth of knowledge about exercise science and how to stay safe while at the gym.

Luckily for Missouri Southern students the University keeps trainers staffed at the recreational center. These trainers create workout routines specifically for each individual and are one of the faster ways to see results from training.

Joining a class however offers different benefits. A class atmosphere lends to making friends as well as acquiring a sense of belonging. Additionally, you can bring friends you already have with you to the class and partake in the fun together. Including others in your exercise regimen encourages accountability and sticking with the program.

However, you choose to exercise, safety is the most important factor to consider. YouTube or other video platforms offer literally thousands of hours of tips, tricks, and helpful instructions on how to stay safe and exercise effectively. In fact, many celebrities especially, ones in action or superhero films have programs that you could follow.

At the end of the day the only things that matter are your own personal health and happiness. Not everyone wants to be at the gym six days a week. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active at all. Try to find your own way to be healthy.

Everyone’s bodies are different. Luckily for as many different bodies types there are there’s  just as many different styles of exercise that will lead to a happier healthier life