Hussle’s legacy lives on; The Marathon continues

Community advocate, entrepreneur and artist Nipsey Hussle born Ermias Asghedom, was shot and killed on March 31, 2019 in front of his store in Los Angeles, California. He leaves behind his parents, brother, sister, longtime girlfriend and three children. 

Hussle’s career first started when he was selling mixtapes out the back of his car off of Crenshaw and Slauson. Even though the artist/community activist was involved with gang activity overtime he would distance himself from the gang.

 In an interview Nipsey Hussle said “I’m not promoting it, I’m just speaking on it. I’m more focused on giving solutions and inspiration more than anything” when he sat down with Complex. From there he started focusing more on his music, family and community. 

He showed us that no matter what your roots are you should still have the mindset to work hard and keep going. Step by step Hussle gave back to his community by owning the shopping off of Crenshaw and Slauson.

This shopping center included a barbershop, several restaurants, workspaces and his shop “The Marathon Clothing.” The intersection off the shopping center is now called Ermias ‘Nipsey Hussle’ Asghedom Square’. 

With his knowledge and understanding of gang violence and wanting to reduce it, he would always find opportunities and options for youth to stay out. 

Hussle was scheduled to meet with officials from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Jay-Z’s entertainment agency Roc Nation to discuss strategies to reduce gang violence. 

Unfortunately, Hussle was killed the day before the meeting. However, with high hopes the meeting still went on. 

In 2013, Hussle released his mixtape “Crenshaw” only selling physical copies for a $100 at a pop-up shop in his hometown. 

When Hussle sat down with Forbes writers, he talked about why he did and the overall purpose.

“It’s time we acknowledge what we all know: the music is free, we shouldn’t force people to buy it, what we should do is create different methods to monetize the connection,” he said.

 And that exactly was Hussle did. Artist like Jay Z bought 100 copies of the work to support and acknowledge for this type of thinking. 

Hussle revealed to us that having connections you have to hold yourself high and have a great soul and knowledge. 

Overtime, Hussle started to become a straightforward representative for the Crenshaw community and helped stimulate the neighborhoods art, schools and culture. 

“I just want to give back in an effective way,” Hussle said in a Los Angeles Times interview.

 After Hussle started his business, he made it his priority to employ people in his community who needed jobs – especially the homeless

In addition to elevating his community, Nipsey was involved with creating “Too Big to fail,” a program that helps youth of color with science, technology, engineering and math. He also participated with Destination Crenshaw, an air museum that celebrates Black accomplishments in Los Angeles.

Tragically taken from us at an early age, Ermias Asghedom taught us a lot. 

It doesn’t matter what your background is or what you do, as long as you give back to your community, make connections, don’t forget who you are, and lastly don’t stop and be diligent.

 If you can do these things you can make it anywhere by having a big heart not just sticking to one thing, but having businesses and giving back to your community when you can. 

By Hussle showing us those items, the Marathon continues long beyond his death.