Southern to provide students with safe sex kits

Wellness Wednesdays will soon offer students the opportunity to protect themselves around Valentine’s Day.

Students will be able to sign up to make their own “safe sex” kits that will be complete with both male and female condoms, lube and dental dams. The kits will be available for students, faculty and staff.

“Everyone here should be a responsible adult and be safe about it,” Director of Wellness & Aquatics Heather Arnold said.

All materials were donated by the Joplin Health Department, and the event is expected to be “well received by students.”

“I think it’s awesome … college kids are going to have sex anyway, so why not give them the resources to be safe?” Southern alumnus Adam Hinspeter said.

Abstinence is not an option the average college student often takes.

With sex becoming more and more of a recreational activity in today’s society, students need to be aware of all risks that accompany it.  

“I think Southern is pretty cool for providing them to students,” Kelsey Scott, senior health promotion and wellness major said.

“A lot of people, especially 18, 19-year olds still get slightly embarrassed when going to buy contraception.

“I think we’re old enough to realize that people are probably going to have sex. Don’t be silly, wrap your willy.”

With the creation of Wellness Wednesdays a couple of years ago, Arnold began to provide events to encourage students to be more mindful of their health and wellness.

In conjunction with the promotion of safe sex, the Wilcoxon Health Center offers contraception throughout the semester.

As the average number of sexual partners among college students increases, so does the need to take a proactive approach to sexual health.

Arnold said the goal is to give students the means to make informed decisions.

The kits will be available from noon to 1 p.m., Feb. 8 in the Lion’s Den for anyone on campus.