Lion’s Roar increases student inolvment

Zech Wheeler, Campus Editor

On Thursday, Aug. 23, student organizations gathered to attract new members, dispense information and hand out prizes and treats during the annual Lion’s Roar.

“This year we had over 40 clubs come out, which is a good portion of the registered clubs,” said Craig Gullett, coordinator of student activities.

“It’s really impressive considering none of them have really had meetings yet. It’s really something great, students can find out how to get involved on campus.”

Participating organizations represented a wide variety of interests, from greek life to video games to secular philosophy and student politics.

The MOSO Ghost Hunters had a “ghost,” complete with rattling (paper) chain, running about and handing out fliers.

“We’ve got some interested people,” said Jaclyn Daugherty, case manager for the MOSO Ghost Hunters.

“We’ve had some sign up for e-mail reminders.”

This year’s Lion’s Roar marked the second use of the ghost – a tactic which introduced Daugherty to the organization in the first place.

 “Overall it’s been a very positive response,” said Johnathan Saunders, student senate president and representative at the student senate display.

“We’ve got several interested individuals. We’re definitely trying to get the freshmen to get involved this year,” he said.

The event marked the second time the recently founded Students Association of Gaming as an Artform (or SAGA) was present.

“We want gaming to be seen in a more positive light,” said Dakota Dennis, secretary of SAGA.

“We also want people to join the club, have fun, and really get gamers who are just sitting in their rooms to meet other gamers. We’ve been doing great this year, handed out a lot of fliers.”

“Definitely this year, turnout has been better,” said Malorie Cashel, director of student activities. “The turnout was good. We’ve had more people at our events already this year than we did last year. I think the students really are wanting to get more engaged this year.”