Southern sign off; that’s a wrap!

Sierra Witzman

My time here at Missouri Southern has been one wild ride. From the beginning I thought I knew what I wanted to do, like any fresh out of high school 18-year-old. Within a short amount of time, I changed my major anticipating that I would find out what I wanted to do and change it again.   

Three years later, I am still pursuing that same degree, general studies, and graduating not knowing what I want to do. Which I’ve grown to accept as okay, because I don’t have to have my life figured out yet.   

I was lucky enough to have been in the communication department since the beginning. From the faculty to the classes to the clubs and practicums, I was shaped into a better student and a better, more well-informed person.   

I remember beginning college and relying on my older sister to help me get around and get involved. Through her, I was able to volunteer with an organization in the communication department. I then joined the group, PRSSA or Public Relations Student Society of America, and spent some time there.  

In my oral communications class, the professor, Natalie Grecu, was a quirky, pun-loving individual. I was drawn to her enthusiasm and bubbly personality from the beginning. I was able to work as her University Learning Assistant for a time and she was always there to support me in times of need. Through her positive outlook and open environment, Grecu was always there to encourage me to take classes I was unsure of.   

While in the communication department, I took a class called newswriting where I met Miles Sari who is the advisor of The Chart. Through the class I was introduced to The Chart and got a couple of articles published. The next semester I joined as a staff writer and dealt with the challenge of going online due to COVID-19.   

 Over the last year I have served as Managing Editor on The Chart. While Managing Editor I was able to help design and produce eight papers while also writing and taking pictures for them as well.   

 Even though I took most of my classes in the communication department, I wanted to explore other programs, which is something I’d recommend to anyone. I took classes from criminal justice, psychology, sociology, and more.   

 I was also able to get a position in the theater department as the house manager for a couple of semesters while I was exploring other departments.   

 Through taking these classes and working in these positions, I learned to be more open-minded and it allowed me to meet people from all different walks of life.   

 I’m grateful for my time here at Southern and for all of the experiences that have been available to me through the clubs and work-study programs. I have grown in so many ways and learned more about myself and who I am. More than that, I am most grateful for my fellow peers, coworkers, and professors.   

 Over the years I’ve met some really great faculty that I won’t be able to soon forget and that have become more than just a professor. So, thank you, Shanna, Natalie, Miles, and Tennyson. You’ve encouraged, inspired, and motivated me to do better and to be better.