Intramural sports kick off on campus

Trevor Batson

If a student wants to get involved on campus and stay active, a great way to do so is through Intramurals.

“It’s about health and being active, mental health is a big aspect because it’s a stress reliever to blow off some steam and have some friendly competition,” said Steven Benfield, Director of Recreation and Campus Wellness.

If a student doesn’t want to be involved in the activity, they can be involved in other ways. 

“They can volunteer and they can be hired to run intramurals, we have a need for more student employees,” Benfield said.

If a student is tentative about joining a sport because they don’t have a team, they can still sign up.

“You can sign up as a captain or a free agent, or even show up any evening and ask if you can get on a team and they would work you into a team,” Benfield said.

The schedule for Intramurals can be found on the MSSU website and on the whiteboard in front of the rec center located at the Billingsly Student Center to find the calendar of upcoming events.

“We want to make sure we are communicating with the students,” Benfield said.

Intramurals have made a comeback on campus after Covid-19.

“The more consistent we can be with our sports, and maybe try some new things, we need to be consistent with the big sports, football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer and wiffleball,” Benfield said.

Intramurals is hosting a Punt Pass and Kick competition on October 11 open to anyone from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Students can sign up at on the day of the deadline and show up and participate.