Ten playlists for studying

Studies have shown listening to music helps better concentration. Some people like to listen to classical and some listen to pop. Here is a mix of songs, artists and playlists that can help:

  • Cavetown is a man who plays most of his songs by ukulele giving a mellow and relaxing feeling.  
  • Fences is a band who makes music about the hard times the lead singer Chris Mansfield has gone through. Creating intimate but relaxing tunes to listen to.
  • Piano Music
  • Mozart
  • Superior Study Playlist on Spotify by Taylor Diem. Minimalist lyrics. Different instrumental including instrumental, classical, pop, soundtracks from your favorite movies.
  • My Only Swerving by El Ten Eleven is a song that could be a soundtrack to your life. With no lyrics it transports you through whatever you’re doing, in this case homework and getting it done.
  • Chloe Moriondo is a 15-year-old ukulele artist that started from YouTube but is making her way to the music industry.
  • Quiet Hours on Spotify is a playlist of – downtempo beats and ambient soundscapes
  • Better by Khalid
  • Classic Rock Studying is a playlist on Spotify by Daniel Dalton is a rock playlist made for those who don’t necessarily like the calm while studying.