‘Change’ is just a word

Change is just a word

Nathan Stapleton

‘Change’ is just a word

Kristin Lacy

I want to change my clothes, I want to change my change my diet, I want to change my dependence on my car. Entering this election, many have used the buzzword ‘change’ to rile up crowds and garner publicity.

A few synonyms of change are: transformation, modification, flux, transition, upheaval, alteration, convert, deviate, revamp, substitute, or switch, to list a few.

Over the decades, many important people have used the word to encourage a greener society or to overthrow governments.

Before I get letters and flames, let me make it clear that I am not accusing any current presidential candidate of encouraging a greener society or attempting to overthrow the government. I am proposing that the general population should put more consideration into what words mean and what is being communicated through actions.

Change is a pretty word that doesn’t always imply something positive. Just ask Cuban immigrants what they got when they listened to the charismatic speaker who promised change.

Politics has evolved into a Broadway production with scripts and masks that George and his compatriots would rebel against. I believe part of what allowed this to happen is the negative change in power from the people to the government.

Let’s create a change and hold our elected officials to their words. Make them create the change they promise.