Don’t ‘Rock the Vote’

Dont Rock the Vote

Nathan Stapleton

Don’t ‘Rock the Vote’

Jessica Schreindl

Most freedom-loving Americans have trudged down to the polling booths, checked off a few R’s or D’s, and left with the warm, fuzzy feeling that they’ve participated in their “democracy.” After all, they’ve got the “I Voted” sticker to prove it. Isn’t America great?

Even more revolutionary is the fact that every four years Americans get to have an entire two choices as to who their next president will be. And with two parties so juxtapose, who needs another choice?

Americans should feel ashamed when they vote.

The founders entrusted us with a fragile republic, one that requires our unwavering attention. Instead, we’ve reduced it to witty slogans such as “Rock the Vote;” expecting our clever attempt at democracy to keep us free.

The illusion of a free society is a common one. Some of the most oppressive places on earth are so called “democracies” where people vote. A purple stamp on a finger does not equal a liberated Iraq.

Still, party devotees on both sides will argue that in order to change the system, we must work through the system. After all, we can’t let those godless lefties or warmongering righties get into power, now can we? This is like using Stalin to defeat Hitler.

The founders hated the idea of political parties. They knew they would only serve to divide the people. George Washington’s farewell address warned of this exact thing.

Want to be a true patriot? How about not participating in a system where the lesser of two evils is still evil? Or better yet, vote for a third party candidate.