Health Center valuable

Savannah Garner

Each fall, incoming students have a bill to pay to the Student Health Center for basic care.

This semester, students paid $30 for access to the Student Health Center. On top of gas prices, rising food costs, and higher tuition fees, this may seem steep to some students who don’t intend to use the service.

“I think it should be cheaper,” said Katie Miller, freshman math major. “I don’t personally go there that often. So I shouldn’t have to pay as much.”

Other students see more value in the fee than what they pay, citing that it is a lot cheaper than the cost to visit a private health institution.

“I think it’s fine that students have to pay,” said Ashley Brooks, freshman psychology major. “Just in case.”

On top of that, students suffering from upper respiratory infections, hypertension, back and neck strains, ear infections, gastritis, or skin rashes can receive treatment in the Health Center.

Some of these treatments come with an additional fee, but others, along with medication for coughs, colds, nausea, diarrhea, headaches and upset stomachs, only require a trip to the office in Kuhn Hall.

In addition, anyone with an emergency situation doesn’t have to worry about money if they need help.

“The fee covers free visits to Freeman Urgent Care or to the Freeman Hospital Emergency room”, said Dean of Students Doug Carnahan. “And there is the possibility of some discount meds for students or free samples.”

Carnahan believes the students are in good hands.

“The Health Center staff do an incredible job for MSSU students,” he said. “And the fee is low.”