‘Change’ begins with the people

Change begins with the people

Nathan Stapleton

‘Change’ begins with the people

Jessica Schreindl

The cooler winds of fall have finally arrived and with them something else: a change in the American consciousness. Can you feel it? It’s there at the gas pump when you fill up, when you buy groceries, when you sit in church and finally understand the sermon you’ve heard a thousand times before. It’s there when you turn on your TV and read the newspaper. It’s there and when you meet your friends for drinks after work; lurking in the back of everyone’s minds.

It is fear of the days ahead; and yet it’s exciting. With the never-ceasing talk of “change” this election, perhaps Americans are finally going to get what they ask for. But not the kind of change that comes from one man or one woman: the kind of change that comes from the people. For all true changes start with the people, not the politicians.

Americans are fed-up. Somewhere between the Iraq War and the $700 billion bailout, both Democrats and Republicans have lost our trust, and hopefully, our vote. Not that voting will make a difference now. The only way that things will change is if “We the People” take charge. No more signing petitions, no more calling your senators, no more voting for the lesser of two evils.

Does the thought of revolution scare you?

There’s a feeling in America that things are only going to get worse from here ­- and they probably are. Bring it on.

For too long, Americans have sat by and watched their liberties being stolen. We’ve been content to sit back and let men in suits do the deciding for us. As long as we’ve had our TiVo and bucket of chicken, we’ve been happy. But things have changed. It’s been a long time coming, but the past few years have seen an escalation in the war on freedom.

The Constitution has been made nil by the votes of the few; passing legislation such as the Patriot Act, FISA renewal and the Military Commissions Act.

A war we were told had something to do with 9/11 has killed thousands and cost billions.

Executive orders have completely usurped the power-balance of the three branches – now a mere illusion.

The federal government has completely ignored the will of the people, opting instead for the will of the bankers and financiers.

This is it. The American people need to get mad. If we can unify around our anger and frustration instead of being divided, perhaps we will actually see change. Instead of taking sides on the usual issues such as abortion, health care, etc., let’s first come together on the one issue we all have in common: liberty. Until we realize that nothing short of a complete overhaul of the Washington elite is necessary, no amount of voting or canvassing will save us. We the people: Now is the time for change.