Paranormal investigator returns Oct. 30

Nathan Carter

Following last years Oct. 24 event, paranormal investigator Chris Moon will return to the Missouri Southern campus.

Last year, Moon and John Zaffis, also a paranormal investigator, had a demonstration at the University and went to Prosperity Bed and Breakfast for a hunt. This year, they are performing a hunt on campus.

“We’re going to do the Mansion, the theatre, and hopefully find some places where we will get some activity with his telephone to the dead,” said Melanie Epperson, secretary of the Student Service Office.

Moon is famous for the telephone to the dead, also known as “Frank’s Box.” The telephone to the dead is a two-way communication device used to literally speak to spirits.

“I’ve been using the device since 2004,” said Moon. “We’ve used it on everything from ghost hunts to contacting loved ones on the other side.”

The design of the box derives from an invention by Thomas Edison. Frank Sumption heard a ghost tell him to create the box. The ghost is believed to be telling him how to finish building the telephone and teaches spirits to speak through it to people in the living realm.

“It’s very interesting,” said Marie Colby, senior communication forensics major and secretary for the Missouri Southern Ghost Hunters. “We got to listen to him use the telephone. Moon is more used to listening to it than anybody else, so he heard a lot of things we couldn’t.”

Moon will be demonstrating the telephone at 7 p.m. Oct. 30 in Cornell Auditorium. The hunt following the demonstration will be available to Southern students only.